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The Live Free Community app offers a simple and safe way to bring men together who share a common struggle with porn and lust. Experience authentic community, find real accountability with other men in your church, and get access to exclusive content offering practical teaching — all in one place.

If you’ve felt alone and without hope, the Live Free Community app might be the very thing you need to change the game and bring freedom to your life.

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  • Custom Profiles

    Let the world know exactly how unique you are with a custom bio and summary of your activities all in one place.

  • Private Group for Your Church

    Be a part of Southview Church’s private group as well as any public group allowing for more connection with and encouragement by others who share common interests and life experiences.

  • X3pure Video Workshop

    Get free access to the X3pure online video course from XXXchurch designed to help you discover freedom, find healing, rebuild confidence and live a joy-filled, satisfying life without porn.

  • Direct Messaging

    Connect with other members and build meaningful relationships that breed success and accountability.

  • Live Free Chat

    Reach out to other men in those moments when you need support and encouragement the most. Ask questions and share in real-time with real people who care about you and want you to find success.

  • Questions and Polls

    Ask questions and get advice from our hosts and other members on the same journey.

  • Member Search

    Find other community members that live in the same area and share similar interests and goals.

  • Personalized Feeds

    Enjoy all the features of a full social network experience, but with no ads or SPAM, and complete privacy.

  • Weekly Audio & Video Content

    Hear from our community hosts and contributors as they share insight, advice, and answer your most common questions.

  • Additional Free Resources

    Learn from our experts and trusted partners through the many free courses available to you in our community.


We created this community to bring men together—a place to meet, encourage,
challenge, and learn from each other.

Our goal is to help you find freedom, hope, and success:

  • MEET OTHER MEN FROM SOUTHVIEW CHURCH so that we can share our struggles, exchange ideas, and challenge one another to reach our goals.
  • MAKE BETTER DECISIONS with the power of like-minded community. Studies show that being part of a group raises serotonin levels and increases our capacity to make decisions that accurately reflect our goals and values.
  • GET ANSWERS to the burning questions you just can’t Google when it comes to finding freedom from porn addiction and navigating life.
  • GET INSTANT ACCESS to the X3pure Video Workshop PLUS exclusive weekly video content, articles, daily tips, virtual events, and more.
  • FIND INSPIRATION and get encouragement from your peers. 💪


what other men say

This app has definitely helped me add more accountability, encouragement, and prayer to my daily rhythms. I have been through long periods of sobriety before that were more of a white knuckle experience. This has felt different, this has felt like learning how to breath.

1 / 5
– John

Thanks so much for making this app. I have felt so isolated but I am so thankful that I finally mustered up the courage to talk to someone and look for accountability and community.

2 / 5
– Gavin

This app has very likely saved my marriage and spared my kids the trauma that all of that entails. Thank you!

3 / 5
– Salvatore

I just want to thank you for founding this amazing platform for men like us who struggle with the same issues that we can find help fellowship and accountability together.

4 / 5
– Greg

5 / 5
– Jacob